When will I receive the drivers detail?
Details of the driver and vehicle will be sent to you One (1) Day before departure.

Are the price listed for single or return journey?
All price listed are for single journey. Additional charges are applicable for additional pick-up/ drop-off point
Are the price listed based on head count or per vehicle?
All price listed are based on number of vehicles required.

Are there any hidden fees or additional surcharge?
We dislike hidden fees as much as you do. Additional charges are only applicable if there are additional pick up/ drop off point.

What are the charges for additional pick up/ drop off point?
A surcharge of SG$10 is applicable for each additional pick up/ drop off point

Do I need to get off the car when crossing the Singapore/ Malaysia borders?
Unlike taking the buses, all passengers will remain seated throughout the journey.

Will I be sharing the vehicle with other passengers apart from my travel companions?
We love privacy as much as you do. Strangers will not travel with you or your companions.

I’m travelling with a child, is baby/ toddler car seat mandatory?
It is mandatory in Singapore that all children are to travel in the baby/ toddler car seat. We have car seat(s) that could take up 18kg. A surcharge of SG$10 is applicable per single journey.

Do you provide receipts for our safe keeping?
Yes, digital receipts will be given upon request during booking after completion of the journey.

How many hours in advanced should we depart from Johor to Singapore to catch a ferry or plane?
We suggest for you to travel at least 4 hours ahead of your flight/ ferry departure time to avoid any unexpected incidents.

Are we allowed to eat or drink inside the vehicle during the entire journey?
We love food as much as you do, please keep the vehicle clean while you enjoy your light meals/ snacks during the journey. Additional charges may be applicable in the event that extensive cleaning is required.

Which link will you use to cross the border?
Depending on your schedule and traffic condition of the day, we will use the most convenient route to cross the border.
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